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Have you ever wanted to make serious money buying and selling houses but didn't know how or where to get started?

Or perhaps you already spent time and money trying to do this on your own, or been burned by some “guru”, and it hasn’t worked for you and you’re frustrated? Maybe you have Bought Everything and Read Everything and still Feel Like something is missing? What’s missing is someone to actually take you by the hand and one on one mentor you and show you how to do it. 

In This book, Tom takes you through his seven simple steps that anyone can follow and start making Real Money by wholesaling and flipping houses, so you can change your life and stop worrying about paying your bills.

At the end of the book, you will have a chance to work personally with Tom, one-on-one and build a lifestyle for yourself that most people will never achieve.

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*Earnings and Income Disclaimer

Results may vary and are not typical of every individual. Tom Nardone is a real estate investing expert who has bought and sold hundreds of properties. Tom Nardone’s real estate success is not typical. Most people who book our introductory free sessions or listen to our podcasts do not apply the strategies, techniques, and systems and therefore make little to no money. The students and their testimonials  above are NOT paid for their stories, however they have invested in optional training materials, coaching, mentoring and support programs offered. Any income or earnings depicted are not to be interpreted as common, typical, expected or normal. This particular result may be exceptional and the variables that impact results are so numerous and sometimes uncontrollable that we make no guarantees as to your income or earnings of any kind. Your success is not guaranteed and will based on your effort, determination, education, and market conditions.  In fact, you can lose money in real estate like any other investment.  For full disclosures, please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers.

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